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About Prof Lo
  • Prof Lo was among the first orthopaedic surgeons in Singapore to undergo formal training in joint replacement surgery. He completed a fellowship with world-renowned Professor Ramon Gustilo in 1992. 

  • Under Prof Lo’s leadership, SGH has become a leading centre for hip and knee replacement surgery and research in the Asia-Pacific region.

  • Prof Lo strives for excellent patient outcomes via his specialisation in minimally invasive surgery, effective postoperative pain management protocols, and accelerated rehabilitation programs. Over the years, he has built up a large and reputable practice for consistently delivering excellent outcomes at reasonable costs.

About Prof Lo
Clinical Experience
Clinical Experience

Over 25 years of experience managing degenerative hip and knee conditions

~450 joint reconstruction surgeries annually

10 years as Head of SGH Adult Reconstruction Service

One of the first to use minimally invasive partial knee replacements in Asia

International Recognition
Research and Education
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